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Awakening your full potential as individual, team or organization

The greatest opportunity for radical improvement in a team or business resides in the “inner side” of it. Human functioning and interaction are the heart and soul of an organization. Passion and emotional energy create commitment, creativity and innovation, giving your organization its deep aliveness, meaning and long-term profitability.


intensive programs for individual, team & organizational transformation


individual sessions to re-connect with your authentic Self, your power and your mission


to know and develop yourself and your team

TRAINING: powerful programs for organizational transformation with people as the main focus and higher productivity as a result


For individuals and organizations that wish to build collaborative relationships. It is particularly effective for new or established work teams, leadership development, customer or supplier relationships & management teams.

  • for building high-trust relationships

    The Radical Collaboration methodology is used to build trust, improve communication and increase collaboration and productivity in a team or organization.

  • used by organizations world-wide

    This program already transformed the culture of many fortune 500 companies. 

  • teaches 5 essential skills

    The program focuses on helping participants to develop 5 essential skills for developing strong long-term collaborative relationships: collaborative intention, truthfulness, self-accountability, self-awareness (and awareness of others), negotiating & problem solving.



An integrated solution to develop positive human environments, where openness, trust and accountability help people feel included, competent and loved.

  • for creating sustainable, resilient, high-performance cultures

    The Human Element works with the roots of human behavior and motivation, creating deep, lasting change and avoiding the pitfalls of ‘flavor-of-the-month’ methods.

  • using FIRO theory and experiential methods

    Firo theory is a simple framework for understanding human behavior and motivation, team dynamics and functioning.

  • based on 3 fundamental change principles

    Applying the key principles of The Human Element — truth, choice, and awareness — change our attitudes and have a profound effect on our work, our relationships, and our lives.


COACHING AND COUNSELING: from surviving to thriving!

facilitating your transformation on an individual level

You want a thriving professional and private life?

Allow yourself to be inspired on your journey:

  • to look at and deal with personal and professional issues blocking your full potential;
  • to develop an authentic leadership style;
  • to articulate your vision, identify your needs and values and to set goals you feel passionate about;
  • to be fully present and become more aware of your feelings, thoughts, behavior and choices;
  • to acquire essential skills for negotiation and problem solving at home and at work;
  • to create long term successful collaborative relationships in your professional and private life;
  • to bring passion in your life and live your life fully;
  • to cultivate a healthy mind in a healthy body;
  • to be not only a human-doing but also a human-being :-)

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This training offers very useful insights in how to deal in a constructive way with all kind of possible interpersonal conflicts in daily situations with colleagues, peers, suppliers, your boss… and also in you private life. It reveals the reasons why you get blocked and also offers you the perfect recipe for solving the problem. Most of all, you really understand how you can influence others and get them in the “green zone” starting from your own “green zone” attitude.  It can be a real driver to boost the internal cooperation within your company!

Hilde PlaetinckHR Policy Expert at KBC bank, Belgium

The Radical Collaboration training gave me immediate applicable tools to recognize and deal with blocks to effective collaboration in myself and others. What a benefit it is to be able to apply the interest-based conflict solving approach we learned, even if the other party is defensive or doesn’t know how to deal with conflict. I strongly recommend this training because it is accessible and comprehensible for a broad public, both professional and private

Sabrina LindersOwner LINC-ON, Belgium

I got a lot of insights about myself and my own defensive behavior. I experienced that learning to cooperate more effectively, what this Radical Collaboration training is all about, leads directly to more profit for the company!

Bruno DemolderMarketing Consultant at MYLAN, Belgium

By improving my listening skills and becoming more aware of my own defensiveness, the Radical Collaboration training helped me to become much more effective in my work and private life.

Dirk DelyOperations Controller at NV SNACK FOOD POCO LOCO, Belgium

The Radical Collaboration training went much deeper than any corporate training I did before. Learning to communicate from a non-defensiveness “green zone” attitude and focusing on the underlying interests of both parties definitely helps me to better solve problems and build successful long-term relationships.

Leen Van LooverenMarketing Consultant at PFIZER, Belgium

I no longer avoid conflicts, but instead use the tools I got from this training to come to a satisfying solution for all people concerned. This training should be given in every place where people live and/or work together!”

Tonia BergmansConsultant at CHRISTELIJKE MUTUALITEIT, Belgium

I’m convinced now that having an open, non-defensive “green zone” attitude, one of the 5 essential skills we learn in this training, really pays off!

Peter Van OverveltHead Technical Department at DE LIJN, Belgium

This training has an ideal mix of theoretical concepts, practical examples, self-analysis & experimental exercises which makes the content very tangible and helped me to apply it immediately in a broad range of situations in both my work and my private life.

Francis DuyckManaging Director at B-PARKING, Belgium

"Courage is the power to let go of the familiar." - Raymond Lindquist "The journey of one thousands miles begins with a single step." - Lao Tze "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." - Albert Einstein

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